In light of recent events.

This is going to annoy a bunch of people but I feel it needs to be said. If you offend easy, or are unwavering and headstrong in belief, please stop reading for your own sake now.

First: If it is printed on a t-shirt, somebody made money on it.

Second: Living in fear, of a higher power or other human beings is just existing.

Third: If you think your religion is more important then respect f
or your neighbor, then you wave your faith regardless of doctrine.

Forth: It only takes one bad person to draw out the police, firefighters, and medical staff.

Fifth: Interactions between children of like ages is important for development.

Sixth: Guns are already used in places where they are banned.

Seventh: The "crazy people" in the news seem to be close to my age or the age of my friends.

Eight: If your parents bought your first computer, they did so on the notion of "This device will make my child smarter" while not knowing it would lead to this degree of communication. How could they?

Ninth: Facebook friends are not real friends.

Tenth: "Real friends" grow apart and go down different paths, using what they learned from each other to guide them.

Eleventh: "Being straight" and wanting a "normal life" with a "normal job" and a "normal house" for my "normal family" to live their "normal lives" in relative happiness shouldn't be a fairy tale ending.

Twelfth: Book burning happened initially to repress false information due to "fiction" being a new concept.

Thirteenth: The Bible is all metaphor and allegory. Only the strongest books "made the cut."

Fourteenth: Others will only value you as highly as you value yourself.

Fifteenth: Go outside.

Sixteenth: Time moves slower for children because they have more of the world to process, relate, identify and understand. For bad example: If you already know what a door is and how to use a door knob, you can cross the threshold without thinking about it.

Seventeenth: Do something, do anything. They threw money at Honey Boo Boo.

Eighteenth: Just because you have a good idea, doesn't mean anybody cares.

Nineteenth: People call you "smart" when they don't know what to do with you.

Twentieth: Nobody likes a smart-ass. Especially when they're acting like a dumb-ass.

and finally- It's the Twenty First Century already. Cope.

We can take solid objects, digitize them, instantly send them an infinite time around the world and "print" them in 3d multiple times in several countries simultaneously. From a train. In the desert. The time for "who is right and who is wrong" is over. Thanks to these magic boxes, it is finally time for my generation to fix the problems brought on by the selfish theft from my parents generation (and every other generation before them as "rape and murder" still seems to be the human handshake).

You know what's right and wrong. At least if your parents gave half a shit you do. If not, they have books to tell you but even those fall under poetic license. To read isn't just to identify letters to words and sound, but to understand the intent of the author.


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