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Another impressionistic vector drawing

In Dedication to the Declaration.

Do you remember the Alamo, or just crooked politicians who lied and stole?

Do you remember when the world was at war, and the propaganda that united us in those country stores?

When a handful of men, with printing presses and pens, gave guns to the masses to bring oppression to an end?

Do you remember free speech, or just what they teach? Are you filled with enjoyment or anger when they preach?

Do you remember the shanty towns, when the money was no longer around, and the demons we fought to stay rooted on this ground?

Times are bad, but they've been worse, and this country is my favorite, if not only my first.

We have the freedom to dream, to live and to love.

The freedom to face adversity yet rise above.

We are Americans, hate us if you wish.

For better or worse, it is our home, and we are all misfits.

Mi litel poni: fwindsip z mujak

Because nobody asked for it, ever.  Have some Mi litel poni: fwindsip z mujak

impressionistic vector illustration.
Hello city.
I figured I should start this thing up again.  New content shortly.