Friday, April 6, 2012


You know, when I restarted this thing up I never thought people would actually come here.  It's weird watching that hit counter roll up.  So in celebration I hope you'll listen to some music (above), have a generic beer (below) and relax.  If I didn't say it yet, Thank You!

*note: this was real product design for generic beer in the 80's*


  1. CONGRATS!!/MemeDoctor

  2. you're welcome 
    what the fk is this message shit i aint sharing shit with disqus! LOL

  3.  I changed the comments section for a few reasons.  First, a lot of people on blogger promote with twitter.  Second, I can link the same comment profile to both my blogger and my tumblr (effectively giving tumblr comments as an added bonus).  Third, I can cross promote by showing the most popular from each site (since they're linked) on each site respectively.  Finally, it allowed me to add a "Top commenter's" list by my first post on this site.  That means if you promote through twitter, login to the comments to twitter and show up on that list, your icon with promotion information one click away shows up next to my top post.

  4. congrats on hitting 1000, you got a nice site ill be by more often